The Asian International Conference on Materials, Minerals, and Polymer (MAMIP) is well known as a suitable platform for postgraduate students, researchers, academicians, and industrial experts worldwide to pool their knowledge and works for the benefits of mankind. This year, MAMIP will be organized by the Postgraduate Students Club (PGSC) under SMMRE which offers an excellent opportunity for USM postgraduate students to create an effective network among participants from various fields of expertise.


Since its inception in 1984, the School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering (SMMRE), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has always been at the forefront in the research and development of materials, mineral resources and polymer engineering. SMMRE’s vision is to be an established and respectable world class academic and research school of excellence.

On September 3rd 2008, USM has been chosen to implement the Accelerated Programme for Excellence (APEX). USM has outlined its efforts in advocating the process of a sustainable development in ascertaining a more lasting future. In line with this, SMMRE has embraced the concept whole fully in its researches and operations. Thus, numerous publications and inventions have been produced with great emphasis on environment conservation and human development. By organizing an international conference, the knowledge can be shared to everyone not only in Malaysia but to the rest of the world.


By achieving its objectives, MAMIP should be able to be a highlight event for SMMRE and USM in the years to come. Researchers and students worldwide will want to take part in MAMIP to learn and share novel, innovative, and efficient researches for a sustainable future.

  • The objectives of this international conference are as follows:
  • To provide a suitable platform for researchers and postgraduate students to showcase and share their respective researches from all around Asia.
  • To facilitate and develop future research collaborations and networks between postgraduate students and professionals.
  • To promote the events and achievements of SMMRE and USM to fellow participants from different parts of Asia
Who Should Attend
  • Postgraduate students from various higher learning institutions in Asia.
  • Researchers and industrial experts from public and private companies in Asia.